Polymer clay. Jewelry.


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"Polymer clay. Jewelry." - A collection of master classes on making jewelry from polymer clay. All workshops on modeling of polymer clay is equipped with photos, some the same and video recordings. In the collection you will find: - Jewelry made of polymer clay; Polymer clay master classes; - Pictures of jewelry made from polymer clay. - Polymer clay for beginners - prostiye scheme. And many others.
Polymer clay (plastic or plastic) — plastic material for sculpting small items (jewelry, sculptures, dolls, etc.) and modeling that hardens when heated to a temperature of 100-130°C (depending on manufacturer). Sometimes called polymer clay self-hardening mass for modeling and creating flowers.
Polymer clay is widely used in arts and crafts. Used for the manufacture of:
Souvenirs, jewelry, bijouterie; interior; bouquets and flower arrangements; Christmas toys; dolls.